How do I care for my cultured Marble or Tyvarian?

The beauty of Cultured Marble/Tyvarian is the ease of cleaning & low maintenance. To maintain you material please follow the Care & Maintenance guide.

  • Use liquid detergent for regular cleaning to remove minerals deposits and soap scum. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers, or sandpaper on any part of the surfaces.
  • To remove built up soap scum, or difficult stains for the surface use lacquer thinner. Be careful not to use lacquer thinner on the hydrojets in a spa or on any plated components – damage to the plastic may result.
  • To remove plaster or construction residue, scrape the surface slightly with a wooden wedge and wash with liquid detergent. Never use wire brushes or metal tools on any part of the Cultured Marble/Tyvarian surfaces.
  • If the stain is from hard water or mineral deposits, try using a cleaner for removing iron, calcium, or other such mineral deposits that are in your water supply. Most cleaning chemicals will not damage the gelcoat as long as label instructions are followed.

Will my Culture Marble/Tyvarian scratch?

All bathroom fixtures, of any type of material will scratch if it is abused. Normal care and cleaning of our materials will ensure years of enjoyment and use. Avoid placing sharp abrasive objects on the surface to avoid damage.

Can minor scratches be removed?

Yes, fine scratches can be removed with automotive paint buffing compound and a hand held polisher. A company technician should take care of the deeper scratches.

Can I install my own materials?

Vanity tops can be installed by the homeowner. They are heavy and usually require two people. We have instructions available now how to do it. Wall liner materials require special tools for a cut and fit process, although possible, it is recommended that skilled installers install our products.

Why use Cultured Marble/Tyvarian instead of tiles?

Cultured Marble/Tyvarian materials are solid pieces with no grout lines to clean or keep sealed. The seams are sealed with a mildew resistant 100% silicone caulk that requires little in the way of maintenance

Will Cultured Marble/Tyvarian stain?

Cultured Marble/Tyvarian is thoroughly tested to resist stains from ink, hair dye, shoe polish, iodine, crayons, bleach, drain cleaners, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and many other products commonly found in bathrooms.

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