Durable Bathroom Surfaces

Tyvarian high resolution photo image products bring design and innovation to bathroom surfaces. This durable cast marble products brings style and colour to any bathroom. With the combination of high resolution photo imagery and low VOC resin we are able to produce marble, granite and stone images that look like natural material with far better performance. Tyvarian's patented resin exceeds existing industry standards for srcubbing and UV resistance.

Scrubbing standards are based on a 10,000 cycles scrub rate. To pass this standard you must not have more than 5% image loss after 10,000 cycles of scrubbing. Tyvarian resin tested at 0% image loss after 10,000 cycles.

UV resistance is measured by a 200 hour sunlight exposure test. This exposure mimics approximately 10 years of actual UV exposure. The image that is left out for 200+hours is compared to a newly manufactured image. The die lot is scanned and compared. Again, Tyvarian resin surpassed the industry standard.


NEW Tile Panel Systems

Wheel Chair Accessibility

Accessible shower bases are a great option for residential, handicapped accessible bathrooms, providing a safe and comfortable bathing experience for aging or disabled family members.
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